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Photo frame sets for an individual wall design 

As known, tastes differ and that’s also the case when it comes to wall design. Still, there’s one thing all tastes agree on: the wall design should match the own lifestyle and at the same time be a nice eye-catcher. 

Decorating with a photo frame set means balancing style and personality perfectly. Picture frames can be freely arranged in order to impressively present photos, art prints and personal memories. 

Guests experience a journey through the family’s history over several generations thanks to a gallery of family portraits in black and white. A colorful photo collage with pictures of the great world trip arouses the friend’s and family’s wanderlust. The love for art is demonstrated in a fascinating way by a picture wall of abstract paintings or exceptional photographies. 

No matter which story the pictures tell or which philosophy of life they express - a picture wall of frames is a timeless idea when it comes to modern living and creates a feel-good atmosphere in the own home every day. 

Picture frame set vintage, modern or other styles 

A picture gallery on the wall of a frame set vintage creates a warm and cozy atmosphere within one’s own four walls. The typical shabby chic touch let wonderful nostalgia come alive. A picture wall of modern frames in a simple, straight design is minimalistic yet elegant. 

However, frames in country house style radiate a carefree attitude towards life. They fill the rooms with tranquility and ease. A picture wall in Scandinavian design guarantees a pleasant atmosphere. Its natural touch makes it an absolutely inspiring wall decoration. 

Those who would like to bring the ocean and its healing effect into the house, decide upon a maritime wall design with frames in beach house style. There is the right picture frame set for every taste. 

A photo frame set for a small and a big picture wall 

A small picture wall of two to three frames of equal size provides a cozy atmosphere in even the smallest room. In the kitchen, a picture wall hanging above the dinner table invites to relax. In the office at the desk, it brings more friendliness to the room. In the bedroom, the small picture wall above the bed or the chest of drawers helps to start the day right. 

Picture frame sets of at least four frames are comprised of different sizes. By that, they can be arranged in various ways and integrated flexibly into the room concept. Large picture walls are ideally suited for expressing the enthusiasm for a hobby or personal interest. 

How to present each lifestyle 

The world is your oyster? Show your passion for traveling with the help of a picture wall made of maps, pictures of great sights and meaningful quotes about the bright side of life. 

You can’t imagine a life without fashion and lifestyle? Let your four walls speak the same language as your heart using a picture gallery of aesthetic portraits, abstract fashion pictures and inspiring quotes. 

When the family has the biggest place in the heart, a happy gallery of family pictures on the living room wall ensures the right living environment that emphasizes life’s purpose.  

The wall paint sets the tone 

The color of the picture frame and the wall paint should match in order to let the picture wall come into its full effect. Frames in wood tones transform every bare wall into a warm and friendly spatial miracle whereas dark walls should be decorated with frames in subtle colors. Picture frame sets in white or silver have a strong visual effect on patterned wallpaper.

Arranging picture frames - but how?

The more frames the set contains, the question arises more than ever how the individual frames should be presented on the wall. No matter if it’s right above the couch in the iving room or at the staircase - it is every frame’s wish to be hung up in a visually appealing way. 

There are more than a dozen possibilities to arrange a picture frame set in the right way. Whether it’s the symmetrical row look, visible or imaginary geometrical forms, organized chaos like the Petersburg hanging - these are only some of the unlimited possibilities how to arrange frames. The only important thing is to stick with the chosen option when it comes to hanging up frames. 

Creating a picture wall with the help of practical accessories

A handy mini spirit level that facilitates positioning the frames on the wall is enclosed with every picture fame set. There is also no need to worry about the right fixing material thanks to the enclosed picture nails. So the picture frame set is hung up in no time and is ready to give joy at every look. 

The right pictures for a frame gallery 

Pictures are essential. Of course every favorite photo has the right to get a place of honor at the center of a frame set. Still, not all photos and pictures work harmoniously together. A large photo wall that only consists of portraits of the staff can have an impressive effect when hung up in the company. However, in a cozy decorated home such a photo wall is rather stern and uncomfortable. An enormous landscape image after the other? This will make sure that the individual motifs will lose their own effect in the big picture. 

Versatile designs for a picture wall 

Different image types should be combined in order to make a picture wall less overwhelming and to maintain the effect of the individual motifs. Postcards, quotes and dreamy landscapes provide a harmonious variety between portraits and family photos. 

Arranging pictures by topic

A picture wall has a particularly strong effect, if it reflects a certain subject at large. A photo collage of group photos with friends on the slope combined with pictures of snow-covered hills present the exciting skiing holiday impressively. Wedding pictures complemented with snapshots of the wedding rings and other details make a wonderful gallery of the most beautiful day in life. Pictures of the family will guarantee joy with every glance at the collage, especially when noticing cute baby pictures between the other photos. 

Different room, different pictures

Not only the effect of the pictures, but also the room in which the picture wall is created, is crucial. Tropical plants and lavender will surely find their places on the kitchen wall. It’s a different story for a picture frame set in the children’s room. In this case, cute animal pictures and educational motifs are more fascinating. Whether the picture frame set is hung or put up in the end, the motifs should be chosen accordingly. 

Black and white or colorful?

If pictures have similar colors, they will match harmoniously. Those who want to be on the safe side when it comes to the effect of a picture wall should chose between the following two options: black and white or colorful. Colorful accents can have an elegant effect within a black and white picture gallery, if chosen thoughtfully. Red details in a romantic black and white photo gallery invite to dream. Striking golden letters amid black and white writing serve as stylish highlights. In any case, there is one thing to keep in mind: less is more. 

How to ensure the perfect effect for my picture wall

Done as intended- with these tips, the picture frame set transforms from simple wall decoration to an artwork hanging in a museum. 

Passepartouts for the eye-catching effect

Passepartouts turn every picture frame set into an absolute highlight on the wall. They not only place a stronger focus on the motif, but also bring an elegant touch to the whole picture frame. Passepartouts in simple colors such as white or black go with every frame style. 

Loosening up a picture wall with mirrors 

Mirrors as elements for wall design work little magical wonders. Gone are the times when mirrors only served for keeping the outfit in check. Mirrors expand the room visually, bring more brightness into it and provide a change when it comes to the frames of a picture wall. Depending on the chosen frame, a mirror emphasizes a picture wall in vintage, baroque or country house style. 

Hanging up pictures is not a must

Not every picture frame set has to be hung up necessarily. Picture moldings are particularly practical since they provides space for individual frames. This ensures not only more flexibility when it comes to presenting the frames but also saves the wall from a massive amount of picture nails.