About us

Individual design with pictures 

PHOTOLINI stands for the passion of designing with many pictures, the aim to offer our customers great, high-quality products and impeccable service as well as the willingness to always try new things and to optimize our products continuously. 

We are an e-commerce company for wall design and gift ideas with pictures based in northern Germany.Our product range comprises over 5.000 products including picture frame sets for designing picture walls, modular magnet photo walls, wall mirrors, collage picture frames, design posters, object picture frames, team photo walls for companies and much more. 

We went online as a start-up in 2010 - now, at our headquarter in Kiel, our team has over 30 members with own logistics, photo wall production, marketing, customer service and Europe-wide online distribution. 

The start of Photolini

We are Christoph and Carsten, the founder of Photolini. We share the passion for traveling and photography and while studying in Kiel, we used to talk a lot about our business ideas. 

Carsten then went to Italy, Christoph to the US. When they met again over a beer, the idea for the modular, magnetic photo collage was born. The beer mat with the first drafts still exists today!

From the idea itself to launch of sales

The evenings and weekends of the following two years were spent for trying and testing until the first elements of the Photolini magnetic photo collage finally hang on the wall. Friends and family contributed their ideas for the marketing and own production. In the fall 2009, the first Photolini manufactory were founded in a backyard in Kiel and in January 2010, photolini.de went online. The fixed idea quickly became a full-time job and the first employees were hired. The product range was expanded with photo walls for end customers and team photo walls for companies.

To establish a broad basis for the topic “Designing with many pictures“, Photolini also offers picture frame sets for designing beautiful picture walls since 2013. In the meantime, the product range also comprises wall mirrors, collage picture frames, design poster and object picture frames. 

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