High-quality bevel cut mounts

  • make the picture look more intense by focussing on the motif
  • available in white, cream white and black
  • formats: 10x10 to 50x70 cm
  • all formats are available individually or in set of 5, 10 or 25
  • acid-free card carton board, 1,4mm thick 



Step 1: All you need for framing a mount is a picture frame in the right format, the favorite picture in the size of the cutout and adhesive tape for attaching the picture.

Step 2: Turn the picture over and fix it with adhesive tape to the upper edge, sticky side down. Don’t use the tape at the other edges to prevent the picture from going wavy over time. 

Step 3: Then bring the front side back up. That’s how the mount can be aligned with the visible part of the picture. The cutout of the mount is about 5 mm smaller than the individual picture format. Thanks to the overlap there are no gaps at the edges. 

Step 4: Finally, the mount and the picture are placed behind the glass of the picture frame and its back is put back in. Enjoy the nice overall image that provides joy for a long time.  


Bright and lively motifs with intensive colors go along perfectly with black mounts. The inner black frame draws attention to the depth of the picture. In order not to lose this impressive depth effect, you should chose a black passepartout for slim picture frames in classic colors. 

Picture frames of all designs and colors will look more elegant in combination with a picture frame mount. Thanks to its clear lines, a passepartout structures the picture. Lively, colorful images acquire a peaceful effect because of it. The bevel cut even boosts this effect. 

White mounts in combination with black picture frames create a classy gallery effect. This way, photos and portraits in black and white look even more elegant. This high contrast color combination is timelessly classy and therefore a highlight for a classic and modern living ambience. 


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