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Which picture frame is the right one for me? 

Picture frames come in many different sizes, colors and material and there is one for almost every taste. They can be used for many different purposes, ranging from the presentation of beautiful nature shots to creating cozy comfort. A collage of framed family portraits brings the room to life while pretty framed party and holiday pictures make a great present for the loved ones. Beautifully decorated walls endorse precious hours of recreation and inspiration - and well-chosen picture frames create a very special wellness factor.

Picture frames for cozy rooms  

Picture frames serve as lively decoration elements for a stylish and up-to-date home atmosphere. Pastel-colored frames have a beautiful used look and demonstrate a certain style and trend consciousness. By its noble ornaments, baroque picture frames attract all the attention and make it possible to effortlessly revive walls, tables and chest of drawers. Where there used to be a decorative wasteland, high-quality frames now create beautiful rooms for relaxing and inspiring hours.

The photo of the romantic sunset is easily highlighted by beautiful frames and with their help the photos of relatives and friends are finally presented appropriately. Frames of the series “modern“ adapt to different interior styles and directly attract the attention to the recent snapshot. Poster frames bring even big pictures on the wall - they stage sophisticated presentations and happy snapshots in a special format as well as the big favorite art printing by Dalì or Hundertwasser in a lively way. 

With the help of their informative function, different frames create an atmosphere of great intimacy. The high-quality antique picture frame looks good on living room as well as office walls and present important documents and certificates in an eye-catching manner. In wooden picture frames in country house style, the first reports of the Youngest will always stay in mind. Thus the college graduation or the successful completion of the training are also appropriately presented and amaze visitors and guests. 

By using picture frames in a certain way, one can easily get creative. Beautiful plants and nature photos at the center of a frame in colonial-style are a beautiful combination and turn the chest of drawers in the hallway into a great design object. Thanks to their special depth, 3D picture frames offer room for a combination of photos with many decorating materials and memorabilia. Wall design with different frames is a joyful leisure activity and offers new ideas on a daily basis. 

A journey through time with interior design in vintage style 

Due to its beautiful furniture and accessories, interior design in vintage style is still absolutely popular nowadays. Frames vintage style with their detailed shabby chic look give different rooms a nostalgic touch and provide a cozy living room interior as well as a trendy office concept. 

A lively daily routine thanks to rooms in country house style 

Wooden picture frames offer a jauntily atmosphere to living concepts in the popular country house style. Thanks to their subtle ornaments and pleasant colors, frames in country house style convey a certain easiness and sophisticated attitude towards life. 

Scandinavian Design for a pleasant mood 

Scandinavian design as a basis for interior design is more nature-oriented and creates an atmosphere for pleasant hours for two or with the family. Due to their beautiful wooden look, frames in Scandinavian design radiate warmth and can be easily combined with Nordic inspired furniture and its simple look. 

Maritime ambience with the beach house style 

Furnishing concepts in the beach house style convince by a maritime touch. Picture frames in driftwood look bring the great vastness of the ocean right to the living room and offer former bare walls a nice design element. Thanks to the soft colors of the frames in beach house style, the living room becomes a place of silence and recreation. 

From wooden to aluminium picture frames and from big to small ones 

High-quality frames are not only the icing on the cake because of their different styles when it comes to well-thought-out interior design. Depending on the variant of the frame, there are many different colors available for selection, ranging from gold and silver to pastel shades. Also, a passe-partout can be added to every frame. On top of that, the different sizes and many other options when it comes to frames ensure a great ambience in every room. 

Picture frames are available in different materials in order to provide different room concepts. Aluminium frames have an adaptable design and emphasize a beautiful portrait elegantly. Plastic frames are extremely light and thanks to their decorative shape they will remain in memory. Due to their smooth surface, moldings made of MDF provide a cozy and well-structured atmosphere. Solid wood frames radiate a pleasant, cosy feeling of warmth and stability. 

Picture frames in various sizes create a nice room atmosphere, regardless of the exact wall measurements. Several photos at the heart of a popular frame 15x20 are ideal for a collage of frames, presenting the members of the family and friends. However, the frame 30x45 stages nature shots or large-format wedding pictures beautifully. Thanks to frames in 60x80 cm, even huge walls get a central design element that draws attention to it. 

Thanks to picture frames in different formats, the atmosphere of photographies and art prints can be conveyed very nicely. Maritime pictures in panorama format present the vastness of the ocean and transport a feeling of freedom and openness. Rectangular picture frames bring the vivacity of holiday and nature experience right into the living room and share those beautiful memories with guests. The creative presentation of portraits or flower pictures in a square frame such as the frame 30x30, meet artistic demands. 

Depending on the size, frames can be hung up or be displayed. Up to a size of 30x45cm, our picture frames come with a hanger. A fixation-kit for securing the frames to the wall is enclosed with larger ones. By that, the picture frames provide a long-term room concept and at the same time can be removed and changed easily. Frames up to a size of 18x24 cm are particularly appropriate for decorating tables and chest of drawers and contain the right presenter. A purely decorative purpose is not enough? The practical photo frame money box is an interactive element that can be placed on the wall and at the same time helps to save some money for the next beach holiday.

Picture frames as imaginative gift ideas 

Picture frames are always great when it comes to gift ideas. Parents and siblings rejoice over the gift of an antique frame with the most stunning photo of the last holiday together. A creatively designed gift of money in a 3D picture frame makes wedding couples as well as new parents happy. By means of the extravagant collage frame, the husband feels appreciated- with the help of a photo combination, the wedding can be presented gorgeously. A picture molding offers the possibility of combining variously framed pictures. A great way of surprising the best friend with a selection of the most beautiful snapshots on the day of her milestone birthday. The popular frames A4 present especially beautiful portraits as an exquisite gift.