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Product description


Product details:

  • Showcase your photos and pictures with an elegant picture frame mount in black
  • High-quality bevel cut mount with white core
  • Made of acid-free, age-resistant cardboard with a thickness of 1.5 mm
  • A non-fade edge in white creates a harmonious transition between the mount and the picture
  • Individually shrink-wrapped in film for safe and clean transportation


Available mount sizes:

  • 10x10 cm / Cut-out 6,5x6,5 cm for 7x7 cm pictures
  • 10x15 cm / Cut-out 6,5x9,5 cm for 7x10 cm pictures
  • 13x18 cm / Cut-out 8,5x12,5 cm for 9x13 cm pictures
  • 15x15 cm / Cut-out 9,5x9,5 cm for 10x10 cm pictures
  • 15x20 cm / Cut-out 9,5x14,5 cm for 10x15 cm pictures
  • 18x24 cm / Cut-out 9,5x14,5 cm for 10x15 cm pictures
  • 20x20 cm / Cut-out 13,5x13,5 cm for 14x14 cm pictures
  • 20x25 cm / Cut-out 12,5x17,5 cm for 13x18 cm pictures
  • 20x30 cm / Cut-out 12,5x17,5 cm for 13x18 cm pictures
  • 21x30 cm / Cut-out 12,5x17,5 cm for 13x18 cm pictures
  • 24x30 cm / Cut-out 14,5x19,5 cm for 15x20 cm pictures
  • 28x35 cm / Cut-out 17,0x23,5 cm for 18x24 cm pictures
  • 30x30 cm / Cut-out 19,5x19,5 cm for 20x20 cm pictures
  • 30x40 cm / Cut-out 19,5x29,5 cm for 20x30 cm pictures
  • 30x42 cm / Cut-out 19,5x29,5 cm for 20x30 cm pictures
  • 30x45 cm / Cut-out 19,5x29,5 cm for 20x30 cm pictures
  • 40x40 cm / Cut-out 29,0x29,0 cm for 30x30 cm pictures
  • 40x50 cm / Cut-out 29,5x39,5 cm for 30x40 cm pictures
  • 40x60 cm / Cut-out 29,0x44,0 cm for 30x45 cm pictures
  • 42x60 cm (exakt: 42x59,4) / Cut-out 28,7x41 cm for 30x42 cm pictures

The cut-out is approx. 1 cm smaller than the respective image format. This prevents the image from slipping through.


Scope of delivery:

  • Mount Black in selected size
  • Instructions with ideas for designing a picture wall
  • Decoration and motifs are not included


Mounts create a space between the picture frame and the picture, enhancing the effect of your wedding pictures, holiday photos, artistic prints and family snapshots. The inner frame draws the eye to the motif and at the same time provides a casual appearance for black and white pictures and colour photographs. The mount will protect your favourite motifs, preventing them from coming into direct contact with the pane. The pure white mount can be removed from the picture frame and reinserted at any time. The picture is simply attached to the back of the mount with adhesive tape. The mount and photo can then be placed in a suitably sized picture frame behind the glass pane.Mounts give a picture wall or picture gallery more structure and elegance in no time at all. The colours pure-white and cream-white are also available.

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