Photo shelves white 40 cm | 2-pack

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Product description


  • Two elegant PHOTO SHELVES for displaying framed pictures, photos, posters and other furnishings
  • Length of each pphoto shelf: 40 cm, depth: 9.5 cm. WIDE STORAGE AREA allows the placement of various decorative objects
  • Robust photo shelf in WHITE made of MDF in timeless MODERN STYLE (colour may differ from the product photo, as it is a natural product) U-SHAPED PROFILE prevents objects from slipping down when placed on the board
  • EASY TO MOUNT on the wall thanks to the supplied plugs and screws. Drill holes are already incorporated in the back of the photo shelf
  • The photo shelf strip can be rearranged at any time to suit your taste and underlines any classic, modern or individual living ambience


Two white photo shelves made of MDF in a timeless modern design for presenting framed pictures, photos, posters and other furnishing objects. Photo shelves highlight favourite motifs on the wall and save the hassle of hanging up individual picture frames. Without much effort, images of various sizes can be rearranged and exchanged at any time. With its 9.5 cm depth, the photo shelf offers sufficient space not only for framed works of art but also for smaller decorative objects such as candles, flower vases and travel souvenirs. This makes it easy to create your own individual picture wall, photo gallery or poster collage with design accents and redecorate it as you wish. With the help of the supplied mounting material, the photo shelf can be quickly and easily attached to the wall. In addition, the photo shelf can be supplemented at any time with further storage boards, which can be arranged one above the other, side by side or offset. Picture frames, images and decoration are not included in the delivery.(Note on the oak photo shelf: Since the photo shelf is a natural product, the actual colour may differ from the product photo).

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