Picture Frame Orange 30x40 cm 3-part Set | Solid Wood

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Articlenumber: BR-300-07-30x40-3

Solid wood
Acrylic glass
Profile height
1,5 cm
Rebate width
0,6 cm
Made in

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Product description


  • 3 robust SOLID WOOD PICTURE FRAMES in pinewood for HANGING, made in Germany, WITHOUT MOTIF
  • Frame bar in a friendly ORANGE, with visible wood structure, ideal for designing a picture wall with differently coloured picture frames or as a PICTURE FRAME for CHILDREN
  • External dimensions: 33x43 cm, Internal dimensions: 30x40 cm, Border width: 2 cm, Rebate width: 0,6 cm. With brilliant shatterproof ACRYLIC GLASS PANE and robust back panel
  • EASY TO ATTACH to the wall thanks to the supplied picture nails, mini spirit level and instructions with design ideas for a picture gallery
  • PICTURE FRAME CHILDREN'S ROOM: Perfect for portrait, baby photo, postcard, art print, watercolour picture, pastel drawing, children's painting or children's drawing


Solid wood picture frames made of pine in orange with shatter-proof acrylic glass - give a friendly feel to the nursery or baby room. The picture frames interact wonderfully with other colours and sizes in the range in a colourful photo collage or picture gallery. Fresh pastel shades such as pale blue, mint or violet harmonise with warm orange and orange-yellow just as beautifully as with plain white, grey or black. These colourful picture frames also make it easy to design your own personal picture wall using cheerful motifs. The welcoming look of the picture frames together with the positive mood they invoke make them perfect for decorating a children's or baby's room. Display all your pictures in a harmonious setting - baby photos, children’s drawings or watercolours. The picture frame will match any simple furnishings, or those with a fun character. (Motifs and decoration not included in delivery)

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