Picture Frame Modern Silver with Acrylic Glass

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Articlenumber: BR-180-31-1-VAR

Acrylic glass
Rebate width
0,6 cm
Profile height
1,7 cm

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Product description


Product details:

  • Remind yourself of what matters with this simple MDF picture frame in silver modern style
  • Shatterproof acrylic glass pane protects the image
  • Practical hangers for attaching the picture frame to the wall in portrait or landscape format
  • Picture frames up to a size of 21x30 cm feature a stable stand on the back
  • Frame width: 1.4 cm. Frame depth: 1.7 cm. Rebate width: 0.6 cm


Available picture frame sizes:

  • 10x15 cm (Complete size: 12x17 cm), with stand
  • 13x18 cm (Complete size: 15x20 cm), with stand
  • 15x15 cm (Complete size: 17x17 cm), with stand
  • 15x20 cm (Complete size: 17x22 cm), with stand
  • 18x24 cm (Complete size: 20x26 cm), with stand
  • 20x20 cm (Complete size: 22x22 cm), with stand
  • 20x25 cm (Complete size: 22x27 cm), with stand
  • 20x30 cm (Complete size: 22x32 cm), with stand
  • 21x30 cm / DIN A4 (Complete size: 23x32 cm), with stand
  • 30x30 cm (Complete size: 32x32 cm),with stand
  • 30x40 cm (Complete size: 32x42 cm), without stand
  • 30x42 cm / DIN A3 (Complete size: 32x44 cm), without stand
  • 40x40 cm (Complete size: 42x42 cm), without stand
  • 40x50 cm (Complete size: 42x52 cm), without stand
  • 40x60 cm (Complete size: 42x62 cm), without stand
  • 42x59,4 cm / DIN A2 (Complete size: 44x62 cm), without stand
  • 50x70 cm (Complete size: 52x72 cm), without stand

The above dimensions refer to the matching image format. The visual dimension is approx. 1 cm smaller than the picture format.


Scope of delivery:

  • Picture frame in selected size
  • Picture nails / mounting kit to hang the picture frame on the wall
  • Instructions with ideas for designing a picture wall
  • Decoration and motifs are not included


Narrow silver picture frames in a modern style are particularly well suited for showcasing photos, black and white pictures, and art prints. Picture frames in different sizes can be combined to create an impressive picture wall. A child's room or study can be beautifully decorated with this timeless picture frame thanks to the shatterproof acrylic glass pane. The picture frame is also available in white, neutral, gold and black. 

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