Photo Frame Set 13x18 cm Modern White 5-Pack | MDF

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Articlenumber: BR-100-01-13x18-5ER

Real glass
Profile height
1,3 cm
Rebate width
0,5 cm
Profile width
2,5 cm

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Product description


  • 5 MDF PICTURE FRAMES from the Photolini Basic Collection for STANDING UP or HANGING
  • Outer dimensions of 16.7 x 21.7 cm, inner dimensions of 13x18 cm / 7 x 5 inches
  • Picture mount in a MODERN STYLE, White, Plain, Width of the frame: 2.4 cm, WITH A GLASS PANE. SIMPLE MOUNTING thanks to the picture pins, paper templates and mini spirit level provided
  • DESIGN PICTURE WALLS: including an instruction manual with tips and design ideas for a picture wall, family gallery or picture frame collage
  • Perfect to show: Wedding pictures, baby photos, vacation photos, drawings, birthday gifts, family photo, holiday pictures


Multi photo frame set with an exceptional price/performance ratio for designing your own picture wall or personal photo gallery. Picture walls have a very special charm and give your home its own unique character. They are a great way to present photos, postcards, drawings or other mementos on the wall. With this picture frame set it is easy to design your own individual picture wall by yourself. The picture frames can be combined in different configurations and arrangements - in a nice, symmetrical row, in grid formation or casually distributed over the wall. The picture wall can be added to at any time and combined with other picture frame sets. The provided templates will help your to achieve the perfect arrangement of the various picture frames on the wall and to correctly position the picture pins. (Decorative features and motifs are not included within the scope of supply.)


5x 13x18 cm / 7 x 5 inches picture frames /  External dimensions: 16.7x21.7 cm
1x mini spirit level
1x instruction manual for designing a picture wall
5x paper templates with simple alignment
1x picture pins for quick hanging

Frames with glass front. All picture frames are equipped with sturdy stands and can be stood up in portrait or landscape format, or hung on the wall.

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