Picture Frame Set Black and White with Mounts | 5-pack

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Articlenumber: BR-100/170-SET-5ER

Rebate width
0,5 cm
Real glass

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Product description


  • 5 stable PICTURE FRAMES made of  MDF in modern Design, for HANGING, with GLASS PANEL and stable back wall
  • Colors and sizes (matching picture formats): THREE BLACK FRAMES (1x 15x20 cm, 1x Gallery-Frame 16,5x54,5 cm and 1x 3D-Frame 30x40. TWO WHITE FRAMES (1x 21x30 cm / DIN A4 and 1x 3D-Frame 40x50 cm)
  • INCLUDING THREE MOUNTS in White: 1x for 30x40 cm picture, 1x for 3 10x15 cm pictures, 1x for 20x30 cm picture (Cutout dimensions each about 0.5 cm smaller). WITHOUT MOTIFS
  • SIMPLE MOUNTING thanks to supplied picture nails, spirit level, paper templates and instructions with ideas for creating a PICTURE GALLERY. Object picture frames suitable for photos and objects with a depth of up to 1.5 cm
  • WALL GALLERY with multiple picture frames: Perfect for black and white pictures, wedding photo collage, vacation picture gallery, family gallery, baby photo collage, art prints, posters, portraits and other memorabilia


Multi photo frame set with an exceptional price/performance ratio for designing your own picture wall or personal photo gallery. Picture walls have a very special charm and give your home its own unique character. They are a great way to present photos, postcards, drawings or other mementos on the wall. With this picture frame set it is easy to design your own individual picture wall by yourself. The picture frames can be combined in different configurations and arrangements - in a nice, symmetrical row, in grid formation or casually distributed over the wall. The picture wall can be added to at any time and combined with other picture frame sets. (Decorative features and motifs are not included within the scope of supply.)

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